Textile Handmade Made Ups & 

Recycled Textile Raw Material

A multi-faceted textile export company.
Pioneers in manufacturing of textile handmade made ups & recycled textile raw material.​


About the Company

JBS OVERSEAS was founded in 2020 with the vision to become a key player in the Textile industry. The company is born out of its parent companies - Shakumbhri Exports and Shri Balaji Exports founded in 1989, which were major exporters and manufacturers of home furnishings all over the world.



Located in India, JBS Overseas supplies the finest Textile Handmade Made Ups to the buyers across the globe.

Two Fabrics
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Recycled Cashmere

At JBS Overseas, environmental sustainability is one of our top priorities. By reproducing yarn from old clothes, we  not only help the environment but also create value for our clients. We strive to create lasting relationships with our customers, and guarantee that they can count on us for honest pricing and quality materials.

Due to cashmere's limited supply and high demand, cashmere products are exclusive and unique. We at JBS Overseas, always fulfil our clients’ requirements by supplying recycled cashmere on demand with zero hassles.

Recycled Wool

Our recycled textile raw material is our biggest step towards 'Sustainability'. Through a careful selection process, we take unwanted and discarded garments and transform them into wonderfully recycled wool. This recycled wool is used by our clients to spin recycled wool yarn, which is further used in making wool garments.

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Textile Handmade Made Ups

At JBS, we create complete home furnishing solutions that includes Carpets, Durries, Rugs, Bath Rugs, Pillows, Cushions, Throws, Wall Hangings, Pouf, Floor Cushions and many more. We specialize in making these products out of recycled yarns.

Indian handicrafts 

Our wooden accessories have intricate and unique hand work which add an old age charm to antique collection.